It All Went Wrong (When I Pooped My Thong)

by Purdy Holsom, Resin Productions



Based on a true story...

Big thanks to L. Cooper for the inspiration!


It All Went Wrong (When I Pooped My Thong)

Estoy planeando
Vacacion de mi vida
Vamos al surrrrr
Down to Costa Rica
So I pack mis bikinis
Sandalias y sneakers
Want to look my best
Para todas las ticas
Pero que tipas de panties
Para que tipas de chicas
Perhaps they have not had
Barbecue Carolina
So I pack only thongs
And dream of the breeze
Of each beautiful scene
Mountains, sea, rice and beans, but

It all went wrong when I pooped my thong
Skirt so short, turd so long
It went wrong when I pooped my thong
Pariendo un Donkey Kong
It all went wrong when I pooped my thong
Skirt so short, turd so long
It went wrong when I pooped my thong
Turdfinity, and beyond

I’m waking up to hear the captain say
We circling round the top of san jose
Get out the plane and grab a quick cafe
as I get things planned out for the day
I board a shuttle and my bowels start muddling
Bouncing round the back as the hills keep coming then
We arrive at Arenal, all begin to carry all
Stuff up the path to the zipline area
I pull the harness over mini skirt
I’m looking cute but holding back the hurt
I pinch it back don’t wanna act a fool and
drop this duke that could choke a toucan
Zipline, quicktime, caught me like a tripline
couldn't hold it back and now i'm streaking like an airline
Bring the chorus, cuidado, Dolores,
'Cause I'm loggin' over this rain forest


I leave the jungle headed for the beach
to feel the tide kiss my naked feet
my tummy's grumbling', i need to eat
so I stride to the honey with the char-grilled beef
i order carne, ask her if she likes to party and
she said she's heading over to the bar to get it started
so i grab cerveca, papaya chaser
hustle to the tiki stand pumpin' Major Lazer
I'm bustin' out into the Cabbage Patch
when i feel something pushing out the hatch
I bite my lip, nod and dance up closer
so she don't see what's poppin' out the toaster
i try to bend it but it won't break off
i try to shake it, but it just won't pop
watch your feet, no sign of stopping
the beat ain't the only thing that's droppin'


released November 24, 2014
Produced by Resin Productions (London)


all rights reserved



Purdy Holsom Berlin, Germany

Singer-schlongbiter, rapper wrong-righter

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