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Written for Pitstache, the Documentary About Armpit Hair. Performed by Purdy Holsom & The Sloppy Joes.

By Emily Pakes, Chris McAuley & Amy Radley.

Won an Honorable Mention in the 2013 Mid-Atlantic Song Contest.

Multiple references to our hairy sisters living in North Carolina.

Album Art: Berdulano.


Baby Got Bush

not trying to brag, not trying to boast
when it comes to hair, my pits got the most so
let's celebrate, toss the confetti
'cause when i drop my pants i'm a motherf*cking yeti but
it don't faze me, dissuade me
don't wanna let a --razor graze these fields of amazing
and at the risk of not sounding classy
my asshole looks like i sat on Lassie

I'm just saying that shaving is overated
you'd still get with me
'cause men have been loving women
since out hairy antiquity
got hair in the pits on the vag on the back on the legs and the crack of her tush
but a woman's still a woman
even if baby got bush

Well the coastal tide makes a blackbeard thrive and the
mountain chicks pack a hair archive
but 919, your pits be lookin' fine
condition to submission
and kissin' 'em 'til they shine like a
horse i'm tackin' 'em, long enough I shat on 'em
styles changing faster than trendsetters be trackin' 'em
so what you got in mind?
'cause bull city ladies, we the crafty kind
back-comb, jheri curl, french braid and bedazzle 'em
cowries from whole foods, i brought a bag for 'em
if you got extensions, light 'em up and fasten 'am
and you can't complain if you ain't the one shaggin' 'em
when the season calls, wear your tank to the mall
deck the halls with your deodorant balls
and if you're good with lines
you can buzz designs
nobody rocks the pithair like 27705


Yo, it's the sloppy joes
diggin' in the scene with this hot new flow
even when you're naked it looks like you're wearing clothes
you know we got love for these amazon h*es
arms up when the wind blows
no need to mow, let it grow, let it grow
you know what we say--grass on the field play
bring your squid filet
lemme put a cherry on that hairy sundae
even if i tried to grow it
i couldn't do it better, i can see it through your sweater

chorus 2x


released May 31, 2014



all rights reserved


Purdy Holsom Durham, North Carolina

Singer-schlongbiter, rapper wrong-righter

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