Shoot's Gettin' Bloody

by Purdy Holsom



Fer when yer Brooks a'gushin' & ya Dunn started yer period.


Young as 11 and as late as 18
You little ladies gonna see what I mean
Yer ovaries start throbbing and you couldn't stop 'em if you tried
You'll need Aleve to calm down your beav
and lots of time to soak, 'cause the chute's gettin' bloody

Yer mom told ya someday, you'd be a woman
Today she called up yer cousins, and told 'em yer blooding'
Grown folks acting like bleeding
won ya some kinda prize
Yer teen years are down one hurdle
C*ntgrats, baby, yer fertile
'cause the shoot's gettin' bloody

Oh baby hole, heavy flow, cotton pole can't hold the flood back
Feel a leak down beneath, check the drip pan, it's a blood bath
slows down, turns brown, but for now
the chute's gettin' bloody

You asked yer mama, said "how long will this be?"
She said "honey in our family, 'bout 63"
You hang your head low, she says "but honey, you can't get drafted"
But I got tampons, maxis, cups and some rags
Deployed to the attack on my crack, 'cause the shoot's gettin' bloody



released November 24, 2014
Words: Purdy Holsom
Music: Brookz&Dunn Karaoke


all rights reserved



Purdy Holsom Berlin, Germany

Singer-schlongbiter, rapper wrong-righter

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